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Thursday April 20 – 22, 2017

Heritage Festival is our spring competition and tour.  We hope to keep expanding this event to include more service and performance opportunities.  This year our trip will include a visit to San Jose State University for a special clinic with Dr. Jeffrey Benson, head of the choral department.  We will also perform and listen to other choirs at the festival competition and spend a fun day at Great America!  Last year all of our performing groups received first place and took home Gold Awards, Adjudicators Awards, Choral Sweepstakes, and an invitation to compete in their Gold festival at Carnegie Hall.  It is always a wonderful experience for our students and they learn a lot receiving the clinics and watching other groups.  Our advanced Acabellas, Concert Choir, and Chamber choir members are expected to attend. Many details of the Heritage trip have not been solidified yet, as we wait on the Festival coordinators to give us our schedule.  But we do have the following information.

Dates:  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, April 20-22, 2017

Bare bones Itinerary:  Students will leave school by bus Thursday afternoon to San Jose State University for a clinic and then to our hotel that evening.  Friday we will perform and watch other groups perform in the festival.  Saturday will be spent at Great America, with an evening awards ceremony.  We will depart immediately following the awards ceremony and hope to be back to school by 11:30 pm.

Heritage Costs:  Heritage fee includes cost of hotel room for two nights, breakfast for two mornings, transportation, festival fees, and the Great America park ticket.  It averages between $250 and $300.  We will take the profit from our Cabaret dinner and show fundraiser in February and disburse that over the number of students attending- last year each student received $100 towards the Heritage fee and we hope to do that well again. Our winter See’s Candy fundraiser sales also go directly to your student’s Heritage account.  EScrip is another wonderful way to make money for your student.

If you haven’t paid your $150 donation for HERITAGE please do so now!



Financial Need: No student will be kept from enjoying and participating in this event based on financial need.  We invite all families to give what they can. If you are currently in a circumstance that would allow you to help sponsor a student, please send what you can.