regSponsorPonderosa Choir can’t excel without the generous support of people like you. Yes, you! If you are reading this, you play a vital role in the success of our choir and it’s students. Even with school administration’s unequivocal support, we recognize that the funds available through the high school are limited and can only be stretched so far. Costs associated with running a highly acclaimed choir program increase every year. Our booster club will continue to provide the much needed support and we would appreciate your help in this endeavor.

We hope you will consider becoming a personal and/or business donor by purchasing a Booster Donor Package. Each package includes specific benefits.

We are still seeking Panel Sponsorship’s to replace our acoustical shell at a cost of $20,000. Click here to see the Acoustical Shell Sponsorship page.


Mailing address:
Ponderosa High School Choir
c/o Mrs. Erin Bailey (Boosters)
3661 Ponderosa Road
Shingle Springs, CA 95682


Thank you in advance for joining us in our effort to make sure our students have a well-funded and equipped music program that continues to meet their needs in years to come. We look forward to your support.