2018-2019 Supporters

The Ponderosa Vocal Music Program can not exist with out the support of individuals and businesses from our community and beyond. Lives are changed every day directly as a result of these contributions and the students will forever be changed through their music. It is with much thanks that we present to you the 2018-2019 Supporters of the Ponderosa Bruin Choir. If you’d like more information on how you can become a Bruin Choir Donor, please visit our Donor Sponsorship page. Or if you’d like to see how you can help in the purchase of our Piano, please go to our Piano Campaign Page.

MAESTRO $1000+ Sponsors

Raley’s $2500 Grant


The Travel Gals – Rebecca Hunter 

VIRTUOSO $500+ Sponsors 

Varozza Bail Bonds – Josh Varozza

Tech & Go Mobile Accessories – Exclusively at The Home Depot

PLATINUM $300+ Sponsors

Dr. Datwyler DDS, Orthodontics

Robin Van Fossen

Kirkegaard Family

KEY $200+ Sponsor

Jeff Carr

Lucy Nisbet

Figgins Family

GOLD $100+ Sponsor 

Cal Net www.cal.net
Victor and Lynette Alicea
Dirk and Jeanne Koorn
Allison Orofino
Pat Coakley
Deborah Wright
Rebecca Brandt
John Herzog
Stan Figgins
Karen Hunton
Greg Porter

SILVER $50+ Sponsor

Charles White
Jeffrey Juarez
Melissa Tuttle
Kim Hughes
Tim Dixon
Folsom Piano Academy, Inc.
Tammy Buckles
Marwin Law
Rachael Crooks
Mike Browne
Natalie Patterson
Shannon Bedford
Theresa Wynn
Kathleen Prevost
Bryan Cash
Wanda Binford
lesley slattery
Stephanie L Smith
Gerald Liggett
Anna Coakley
Spencer Snow
Kierwin Nguyen
Debi Raphael
Karen Shore
Seafloor Systems
Kiersten Bliss
Spencer Weston
Renee Morehouse
Cynthia C Miller
Heather Neff
Verla Davis

BRONZE $20+ Sponsor

Further Generation
Jennifer Pichanick
Jennifer Wynn
Bridgette Kant
Wesley Binford
Kris Meyer
Kathryn Sonico
Adrianne Heller
Finnie Mackey
Larry Scott
Linda Wight
marilyn meinzer
marilyn meinzer
Studio 22 Photography
Laura Roberts
Jennifer Schumacher
Rachel Kayser
Christopher Haar
El Dorado Bookkeeping Services
Stephanie Wentzel
John Bartuska
Wendi McRoberts
Lisa Lile
Rene Varozza
Patty Shepherd
Judy Portnoy
Mary Head
Lindsay Bridges
Cheryl Williams
marya osucha
Jeanne Richards
Sherida Raddigan
Patricia Mayer
Jennifer Folsom
Diane Williams
Linda Reams
Christy Dudley
Tyler Varozza
Lucas Giroux
Joseph Beatty
Roberta Philipp
Stewart Burlew
Susan DeKrakar
Karen Rogers
Judith Figgins
Sherril Mayo
Scott Hayden
JoAnne Blount
Shaunna Johnson
John Wagener
Kacy Shepherd
Helena Fidel
Sarah Irick
Yvonne Edwards
Gayleen Pellicano
Stacy Iseminger
Kelly Rogers
Kelly Mathyssen
Marjorie Wachtman
Paul Wooster
John Slavin
Stephanie Levine
Milton R Hegeman
William and Holly Collier
Nicolas Anthony
Susanna Fong
Dawn Jones
Elizabeth McDougall
Mary Schlee
michelle jones
Kathleen C. Moore
Matt Hilliker
Rebecca Snyder
William Westbrook
Annette Jacks
Blain Stumpf Trucking
Miriam Hawkins
Arthur Hunter
Philip Huber
Rebecca Wachtman
Marc Yale
Douglas Orofino
Kimberlee Eldridge
Beverly Dunning
Mordecai Agbeletey

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