Choral Director – Lucy Nisbet

Lucy Nisbet

Lucy Nisbet began teaching choir at Ponderosa High School in 2018. She previously worked in El Dorado Union High School district as an accompanist and assistant director at Oak Ridge High School and running a private piano and voice studio. Lucy Nisbet received her B.M. from Brigham Young University where she studied choral education from Mack Willberg, Ronald Staheli, and Paul Broomhead. She is thrilled to be a part of a program with such a strong and rich history of musical excellence. Ponderosa High School choirs received a wonderful foundation in their first conductor, Lorna Perpall, who inspired and taught decades of students, retiring in 1997. The tradition of excellence continued throughout the years under the direction of the following: Janet Matranga – 1997 to 2011, Erin Bailey – 2011 to 2017, and Sarah Cunningham –2017-2018.

Lucy will celebrate her 25th anniversary this year with her husband Josh and their three children; Emma, Ethan, and Camilla. Lucy utilizes the best of her mothering skills and passionate belief that “anyone can sing” and that some of the best life skills and lessons can be learned through the study and performance of music.

Accompanist – Anna Shore

Anna Shore hails from Torrance in southern California and started plunking piano at age 2. Her parents encouraged her musicianship with piano lessons at age 8, which evolved into 8 years of private study. 

Anna’s middle school choir director recognized her untapped accompanist skills from having seen her play for singers school talent shows, and drilled and pushed her to gain confidence in backing a group of vocalists.  Eventually accompanist career took off in high school when she was asked by her director to be accompanist her sophomore year — an unusual exception by age as she was an underclassman—  for the combined choir. This was a great honor for her, one she cherished greatly. Her junior and senior year saw her accompany the top elite group, her goals achieved.

Though Anna didn’t pursue higher education in music, she worked 4 years as a ballet studio accompanist, served in music ministry at 3 churches, most recently stepping down from serving 20 years at Gold Country Baptist.

Anna currently accompanies for Oak Ridge, Ponderosa and El Dorado High schools.  

Accompanist – Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones

Michelle graduated from Brigham Young University in 1983 with degrees in Education and Music.  She taught in the public schools for three years and has been running her own private music studio ever since.  

In 1995 she was invited to perform a concerto with the world- renowned pianist Vladimir Jan Kochanski just after she delivered my last child. She’s not sure what was more difficult, learning a 30-page two piano concerto, or loosing 50 pounds before the concert.

Michelle has accompanied about ten high school musicals while her children were in high school and now she plays the piano with the Sierra Symphony.  She loves hanging out with the high energy and talented Ponderosa Choir Students.