Vocal Jazz

Costs NO STUDENT WILL EVER BE DENIED PARTICIPATION BASED UPON FINANCIAL NEED. We are happy to have a thriving choir program with many interested students!  There are many costs to running a quality program of our size. Below are the costs that will be incurred for your student over the year. The total is our suggested donation for singers.  We would appreciate each family to look through the list and see how much they can give. If you can give more, it always helps another family in need. And if this is your year to give less, we appreciate so much whatever you can give. (Spring Trip costs are not included)

Various Festival Costs $55

Vocal Jazz Suggested Festival Donation  – $55

Please select your class donation amount and click PAY YOUR CLASS DONATION.

If you have more than one student, or would like to give to a student in need, add your first donation (a new window will pop up) and then navigate back to add an additional donation.

Thank you!

Please include student’s name in “Purchase Details”

Mailing address:
Ponderosa High School Choir
c/o Mrs. Lucy Nisbet (Boosters)
3661 Ponderosa Road
Shingle Springs, CA 95682

Please note these are only the suggested donation, more is always appreciated and will go directly back to the success of our choirs. Thank you for your consideration.

Practice recordings:
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