The Ponderosa High School Choirs have demonstrated a passion for singing since the school’s doors opened in the fall of 1963. PHS choirs have consistently done well both at Heritage and private competitions and festivals, garnering “Sweepstakes” awards as well as “Best Choir” and “Adjudicators Choice” awards wherever they go. Choir members have participated in performances throughout the state of California, including private and community events as well as Regional, State, and National Honor Choirs. Choirs at PHS have a diverse repertoire of music from the classical classics to pop music.  Their concerts are moving and powerful, connecting audience members to the music and students to the world around them and the past that shaped them.

The list of conductors and clinicians with which PHS have worked include Ms. Sarah Cunningham (Sierra College), Dr. Ralph Hughes (American River College), Dr. Donald Kendrick (Sac State University), Dr. Steven Zopfi (University of Puget Sound), Dr. Jeffrey Benson (San Jose State University), Dr. Paul Broomhead (Brigham Young University), Dr. Jocelyn Jensen (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Dr. Charlene Archibeque (San Jose State University), and Lou De La Rosa (West Valley College, President of California ACDA).

Ponderosa High School choirs received a wonderful foundation in their first conductor, Lorna Perpall, who inspired and taught decades of students, retiring in 1997.  Janet Matranga continued the tradition of excellence from 1997 to 2011.  The choirs are currently under the direction of Erin Bailey, a Ponderosa alumni herself.  Along with her dedicated and positive work, the supportive administration, good facilities, and tireless Boosters group all contribute to an excellent choral program.  But what really makes the PHS choirs stand out among the rest are the fantastic, devoted students and their incredibly supportive parents. The choirs at PHS are extremely talented and special in many ways. And we believe as you learn more about us, you will know this is true.